5-in-15:  Free Digital Marketing Audit

Benchmark your sales/marketing funnel with five questions. in 15 minutes.

Everyone wants a bigger lead/sales funnel that generates more opportunities. Here's a way to benchmark yours, and create a roadmap to improve it.

Icons_SketchAt Goldstein Group, we work with countless B2B clients who know the importance of digital marketing but just can't seem to get their online efforts to move the needle and generate qualified leads. We've got some ideas for you.

In your 5-in-15-Minute Digital Marketing Audit, we'll benchmark your sales and marketing funnel with five core questions that lead to the insights you need to generate a bigger and more efficient funnel:

  • Key conversion ratios from lead to qualified to opportunity 
  • Cost metric benchmarks for lead gen and opportunity generation
  • Lead generation tactic performance benchmarks
  • Message and strategy alignment

Every minute you wait is another lead you might be missing out on.

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