Get the real, hard ROI numbers that show how your marketing strategy is working. B2B marketing has never been more measurable, trackable and accountable. Now’s the time to start measuring your marketing strategy and know where to make the necessary changes.  

webinar-200x200 copy-1Here are the first steps in our B2B Marketing Dirty Dozen webinar hosted by Chase Bank and presented by Joel Goldstein, the President of Goldstein Group Communications, for you to start the narrative that aligns marketing strategy with your company’s growth strategy.  

Based on 30+ years of experience in B2B and digital marketing, this webinar will outline how to implement the 12 most important initiatives – the “Dirty Dozen” – that will drive revenue reducing your cost/sale for targeted returns. 

Refine your current strategy, starting with our tips to define your company and target audience.  

Here’s the first to get you started:  

What are your company’s “only, trigger and switch” messages?
  • Only - What features/capabilities are provided ONLY by your company? 
  • Triggers - What TRIGGERS prospects to start a Google search? 
  • Switch - What pain points are powerful enough to get people to SWITCH from competitors?  

Get the strategy tips to develop your company’s brand message that will be the cornerstone of copy, advertising and website UX. Then learn the secrets of the right martech tools, creating content and converting leads to get the ROI numbers to measure your marketing strategy.  


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