How to Market to Engineers: 14 Basic Approaches That Work for the Technical Buyer

STOP!  If you’re beginning to lay out your next campaign, with sparkling copy, a tremendous creative approach, and an offer that just won’t quit, you might want to read our latest white paper on how to market to engineers. Taken from a series of focus groups, industry research and practical experience dealing with demanding engineers every day, we’ve summarized what you need to know – and what engineers what to know from you – in an important white paper that will help provide focus and impact for your next campaign.

Our white paper hits on a few topics:

  • What messages that break through the clutter – and the language and terms to avoid in your copy.
  • How to engage their colleagues in selling your products.
  • Why you shouldn’t lead with copy that touts your quality or innovation.
  • Does a white paper do better than a webcast? We’ll share data on what types of content they are most likely to want from you.
  • What lesson you can learn from a bunch of NASA interns and the South Korean Gangnam Style video sensation of a few years ago.

The latest research shows the engineer’s workload has increased 50% in two years, so it’s more important than ever to get your campaign crisp, clear and focused.

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