How to Market to Engineers: What Works Today For Reaching Millennial Engineers?

Are millennial engineers different from the total engineering workforce? Are there different methods of reaching them that work and need to be part of your marketing plan?

Four key media publishers have released some interesting studies during the past few months, and we’ve summarized the key highlights into a white paper that points to a variety of important trends:

  • 38% of engineers buy products for work on Amazon, and 55% of younger/millennial engineers report doing so
  • One in five millennial engineers are the “prime” decision-maker for products and services
  • Younger engineers are finding new media websites to get information from that help them do their jobs, different than the traditional media sites we’ve used in the past
  • Your company’s own website is the most important information source engineers will use when deciding what products to buy, but word of mouth referrals are close to the top of the influence chart
  • White papers rank at the top of the list in terms of most persuasive types of content you can produce
  • 45% say knowledge/information loss at their companies – as employees retire – is a very/extremely important problem for them. (Marketers can fill this gap with good tutorial information!)

Our latest white paper has more details, along with charts/information sources for you to use. Complete the form to get your free copy.



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